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Holdsworth I.O.U. find
"But... I mean... jazz..."
Was thrilled to find two early solo albums by guitar maestro Allan Holdsworth yesterday for a very reasonable $5 each. On the I.O.U. album especially -- which I'm pretty sure was a totally independently released album -- I have been kicking myself for not buying it in college and then finding it going very out of print for ages. The bonus find was on the inside sleeve:  taped to it is a (seemingly/likely) autographed personal note from Holdsworth to whomever received these back in the day (probably a press promo) dating this at just before his 1984 release on Warner Brothers "Road Games" (which was nominated for a Grammy). Win!


Not sure what Holdsworth sounds like? Here's a track from I.O.U. He's played with people like Jean Luc Ponty, Tony Williams, Bill Bruford, UK, and many others.  


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