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Sonic Gloo

(with periodic conceptual continuity)

Music is a big part of what I am about both in work and play...a glass-half-full kinda person... single, gay, out, making the best of difficult times... "onward through the fog..." Trying to do something positive for others with my life through music... I exercise and walk a lot with my dog... a "foodie" at heart yet trying to be healthy (but if I find Clafoutis on a menu, I may order extra...).

Currently finishing recording on a musical I've written which will come out initially as a project related to my band "ing" (now in reformative stages,www.ingdom.com).

Have also been collaborating with John Ashfield (aka Keanubear here on LJ) on a new music project called "Push Button For" (www.myspace/pushbuttonfor)

Anyhow, Be kind. Embrace life. Peace and Chocolate.